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A Modern Desert Residence

Translated to "Donkey House" in the Basque language, we were inspired to name this home Astoa Etxea by a coincidental moment during the design process.

Shortly after selecting beautiful doors for the pantry based solely on design, they discovered the doors were French, specifically from the Basque region... where the owner Brittany's great grandmother is from! In the Basque culture, it is customary to name a residence prior to moving in, and doing so felt like a fitting way to complete the home. 

Going into this project, we knew that Astoa Etxea was going to be used primarily as a vacation rental property, and that Southern Utah attracts visitors from across the globe. We created several sitting areas like this, where the views of the desert mountains and cliffs can be enjoyed by travelers who may be experiencing the stunning scenery for the very first time.

  • Location: Southern Utah

  • Project Type: Residential

  • Size: 1,000 SQFT

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