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You relax - we'll take care of everything!


Want your room re-designed ASAP? Furniture assembly not really your thing? Leave it all to us! We offer full-service interior design for Utah locals, which includes furniture and decor installation.

With our full service design package, our team does all of the designing, purchasing, and installing for you.

Bringing Art & Science Together

Whether we are designing the layout of an interior space, redesigning a building facade, or finding alternate methods to maximize an interior space, we work hand-in-hand with our clients as we research, coordinate and problem-solve to ensure an aesthetically pleasing and fully-functional interior space, each and every time.


Each project is presented as a puzzle; by thorough investigation of the client’s goals, Trio Design can help you evaluate each piece of the design puzzle, prioritize those ‘pieces’, and place each one in it’s proper place.  Whether it’s the layout of an interior room, the redesign of a building facade, or finding a solutions to your design ‘problems’ from the smallest details inside and out.  Our experience and design thoughtfulness arm us with the tools to help you work through all stages and sizes of design projects.  We have experience as Project Lead for projects large or small.  Not sure how to layout your next interior renovation?  Give us a call! 

Services Provided​​

  • Residential design

  • Efficient layout and floor plan design

  • Tenant improvement

  • Kitchen design

  • Interior and exterior space planning

  • Investigation of site conditions



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