Fall in Love With Your Home (Again)

An interior remodel will change your home for the better.

Remember the feeling you got when you first purchased your home? How excited you were about closing day, and the readiness you felt about finally moving in. The high ceilings, the fixtures, the color scheme – it was all perfect.

Or maybe you were never totally in love with your home – but recognized the potential in it, what it could be with a few changes.

Either way, now that you have been living there for a while, things are starting to get on your nerves. The placement of a bathroom right off of the dining space is driving you crazy. Your family seems to have completely outgrown your kitchen, and there is not enough cabinetry or counter space. You would love to have a home office…but there’s no extra bedroom, so working from your laptop on the couch will have to do.

It’s all making you think, should we move? Still, you love certain aspects of your home… If you could just fix those few annoyances, it would be perfect. Friend, we hear you! Your frustrations are valid. We help clients with these issues every day. No matter how much you love the color scheme, fixtures, or features of a home, the floor plan is what makes or breaks your experience living there. It’s time for an interior remodel! Most of the time, these small (though annoying) imperfections are easily addressed with an interior remodel. In many cases, the square footage isn’t the problem – it’s the way the square footage is being used. You would be surprised how new your home will feel after a few adjustments to more efficiently use the space! Take Our House With The Red Barn, for example.

Our Principal Architect, Brittany Johnson and her family were faced with an issue similar to what many of our clients are dealing with. They purchased a beautiful house with a red barn. Not because of what it already was, but because of it’s potential – the large backyard allowed plenty of space for their 4 children to run and play. The big red barn and agricultural zoning meant they could raise chickens and goats, a life-long dream of Brittany’s.  However, there were small things that needed to change before they could really feel at home in their new house. The laundry room, small and containing a toilet, was located right off of the garage with no mud-room to separate it. There was no home office, a must-have for Brittany, who occasionally works after hours. And the master suite? Well, that was outdated, to say the least…

BEFORE: A very outdated master bathroom, practically screaming for an update!The square footage was there. They had a large enclosed patio with enough square footage to add a mud-room, make the half-bathroom more accessible, create a larger laundry area with plenty of room to wash and fold clothes. There was also enough room to add a nicely sized home office! The space simply needed to be reimagined with an interior remodel. Here’s what the floorplan looked like, before our renovations:

And here’s what it looks like today:

The enclosed patio was eliminated, making space for the much-needed office, mud-room, and larger laundry area. The staircase was extended, and now leads to a locked door of a separate basement apartment. In the new floorplan, the kitchen has also been completely transformed. With a more open-concept, the large island offers plenty of counter space for meal prepping school lunches and entertaining guests. The not-so-ideal floor plan has been transformed into Brittany and her family’s ideal home – including a completely updated and beautiful master suite! Instead of hindering the way they live, the floorplan now serves their lifestyle. 

At Trio Design, we believe the best architectural design will make the lives of those using the building easier and better.

Whether it is a residential home, office building, or any other structure, it’s amazing how different, and how new, a space will become after an interior remodel.  Are you experiencing some frustrations with your current living space? Before you think about moving, chat with our team! Let’s look at the square footage you already have, and re-imagine it together. We can help you fall in love with your home once again. Contact Brittany Johnson to schedule your free consultation today!

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