Hi, I’m Brittany, the Principal Architect of Trio Design. 

I’m also a wife and mother, an architect, a lover of nature, a part time chicken wrangler and I’m also someone who is constantly planning my next adventure/vacation.  I started Trio Design about 2 years ago after getting licensed as an Architect here in Utah. 

Over these past two years, I’ve watched my business grow, and I’ve learned a lot in a short period of time; about people, business, design, and construction.  One of the things I’ve realized most, is how much I love thinking about how people use a space, and most specifically how one LIVES in a space.  Previously, most of my professional experience had been in small commercial and ecclesiastical work, each night I’d go home thinking about HOME.

Last year at this time, my family of four was living in the suburbs of Salt Lake City, UT in a 2700 sq. ft. home, it was comfortable quiet, clean.  But I looked in the unfinished basement and realized we had all of the ‘stuff’.  ‘Stuff’ from childhood,  old decorations, sports equipment, unused furniture, broken lamps to be fixed, etc.  About this same time our family took a vacation, where we stayed in a small 900 square foot rental home near the beach; now it might have been that fresh sea breeze or the time away from all of that ‘stuff’ but I realized we needed to purge.  Everything we needed to live, was right there with us, the four of us.  That’s it.  Our life was comfortable, and beautiful, but we needed path to simplify, and I had a feeling it would be an adventure.  I also realized that my husband and I were already armed with the skills we needed.

Within a week of arriving home from vacation, my husband stumbled upon an old 70s ‘fixer upper’ not far from where we lived currently.  Flash forward to present day, and we are now living in that home fully renovated.  Over the next few weeks, I’m going to chronicle that journey, the renovation highs and lows of ‘picking up and moving’ practically overnight, to ‘Our House with the Red Barn’ as my daughter fondly named our ‘new’ home.  I want to share our trials and successes, what it was like to ‘be my own client’ with tips and tricks for simple clean design and saving money, how to stick to your budget and prioritize design goals.  I also want to share how the way we lived, evolved through this process and how the meaning of ‘home’ transformed along the way.

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